How to Buy a Boat: Tips for a First Time Buyer, Top 10 New Fishing Boats for Under $20,000, What Type is Right for You? I AM VERY INTERESTED. Just a few sessions, and I was hooked. It sounds like you have had some challenges. If it weren't so far from Mobile Al., I would come get it. 5 investigates found Grace living aboard a boat named "Nika," anchored at a mooring just off the coast of Winthrop. If you can't sell it, maybe remove it with a hydraulic flat bed trailer to a local trailer park and rent it out. Put a fun, new spin on traditional things to do in Boston! She is the Chair of the New Product Awards committee, judging innovative boats and gear at NMMA and NMEA shows, and currently serves as immediate past president of Boating Writers International. Every repair you make will cost you thousands instead of hundreds of dollars. Can you please tell me if you have sold this. GOT TO PM!!! BOSTON (CBS) – On a boat may seem like the last place you want to be in the bitter cold, but it can be a lot warmer than you think. Deciding where to live aboard is the first and most important step to living aboard a boat! WBZ NewsRadio 1030’s Karen Twomey reports. is part of the Boats Group Network. Remember, living aboard may bring life’s lessons up close and personal—and that has value in and of itself. Decking area. I achieved it two different times in my life for extended periods. Copyright © 2006 - 2020 Really? A USCG 100 Ton Master, Zuzana has cruised, chartered and skippered flotillas in many parts of the world and serves as a presenter on charter destinations and topics. He uses a kayak to travel between land and his nautical home. Paddling is a great workout, you get to spend time outdoors in a great location, and you get to meet interesting people. Not so much now. We are also up against that fact that most marinas here (but luckily not mine) are getting away from allowing houseboats in general, so that is a whole other issue.I guess what I am wondering is: How can I sell it? View our Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, Disclosure pages. He asked you to remove furniture, probably to save him money. I'm Larry in Texas, how much are you asking and how is it powered? Maybe putting some extra cash in your pocket? Not so fast—before you bring the U-Haul, here's some factors to consider. If it were rented out wouldn't that help you by not being a financial drain? Free Houseboat MagazineStay updated with our website's free, online monthly newsletter.Get all the real hard facts that you 'want & need to know' now. Does anyone know what the outcome was for this housebarge? I can't tell where it's docked. New boat dealers for Sabre Yachts and Back Cove Yachts brokers for quality, used, pre-owned yachts. However, although an alternative lifestyle may sound exotic to you and your workmates, it’s best to be well prepared for the realities of what it takes to move and live on board a boat. "Quick assessment of … That’s right, living on a boat is cheap. lol. We are looking into this lifestyle in Boston! "Staying on the houseboat is a unique and very fun way to … Some of this basic cruising knowledge will serve you well if you live on a boat even if you plan to stay in the marina all the time and just go for an occasional day sail. Yet this action kills most if not all of your other prospects. SleepAfloat Locations. Dockside vacation boat rentals . An irate citizen files a 311 complaint from the Constitution Marina in Charlestown about the construction crews working on the new North Washington Street Bridge: The bridge construction crew are creating large wakes by going to fast on … Visit our Site Sponsors. Do you know what I could do with it if I can't sell it? Looking to live large in a tiny place? VERY RARE TO FIND A LIVE ABOARD SLIP AND BOAT IN SAUSALITO SAN FRANCISCO !! Walter Hope can’t wait to … Can you tell me what you are asking for the houseboat and where it can be seen. Hi Buddy, both my kids are gone out of the house, as are 3 ex-husbands. Don't live on a boat to save money. THIS would count as a consummate spring day — a rarity in New England. Living aboard other places is much cheaper. In my case, I also wanted to do some cruising and sailing, so that consideration drove my choice of boats. #39 of 88 Outdoor Activities in Boston. Ready to move in? I am interested in learning more. I'm interested. Unless you saw some one get in the water. The Thomases were living … The information or articles on this website are for educational purpose only. I could care less whether you believe it or not. Sarah Garant and her family live year-round on their sailboat, which is covered in plastic during the cold months David L. Ryan/Globe Staff The temperature hovered around 20 … Perhaps you can finance it and we can come take it over for you. But for those who live year round at moorings in Boston Harbor, they bargain for a whole lot more than 60 degrees and sunny, as in 10 degrees and windy. And junking it would be equally as complicated, plus it's a decent house so that would be a shame... Do they make reefs out of things like this?Any help would be appreciated, Boston, MA. I would have to agree with Ian. Chris Craft Catalina 381 Boston, United States : Used Boat: … In Boston Harbor, some proud and hearty souls live on their boats year-round. It's approximately 20'x40' but on a fiberglass over plywood hull built circa 1984, and has two stories, so too big for the marinas I've spoken to. Living aboard in Charlestown would definitely make your commute a bit less painful, and be a pretty good excuse for another boat. BOSTON (CBS) – As frigid as it is near the water Monday night, just imagine what it’s like living on the water, not as a fisherman, but a homeowner. I'm a Diver and would do hulls in Florida canals. and we wont back out if we make a deal. the girl and i are looking for exactly what you have listed and would be willing to talk. This is just another option for you. In preparation, lose many of the kitchen gadgets, pare down the tools and cut down on clothing. Boaters often romanticize the idea of living aboard. There's a new listing for a floating home houseboat for sale in Boston, MA. If you have not sold or disposed of at this point I would love to talk to you and see if we can help each other. So living aboard in Boston is definitely doable if that's your dream, but there's a lot of money involved. Fortunately, most of Boston Harbor is at least 8' … Located in a secure, … Into The Water — Living on a Boat in Downtown Boston Find out what happened when a couple decided to downsize from 2 apartments and moved into a 200-ft, 30-year old boat on the Boston harbor… We spent two years living … The two-story abode stretches to 1,400 square feet, and features an open-concept living and dining area, plus a kitchen with a breakfast bar. But don’t discount the costs associated with purchasing and maintaining a boat. Houseboat Living, live on a boat liveaboard We will look at the different options and what you can do to make the dream of living on a boat happen. To pay all the expenses, All-About-Houseboats may derive a small financial benefit from affiliate, third party links, and/or advertising. There's a comfortable sofa to kick back on in the living area, and a dining table and breakfast bar with bar stools provide seating for guests to socialize after a day exploring Boston. Now we're living … I am considering returning to Boston after 30 years away. While living in Boston, I decided to try dragon boating. Questions? Hogwash? Own Your Adventure, Not The Boat When you rent a boat from Boating in Boston, you don’t just get the boat; you get life jackets, paddles, cushions, and some safety basics right along with it! SleepAfloat Boston now offering cocktail hour harbor cruises with Captain EZ. I want one really bad. At the time, he was 33 and an executive at a shipping container company, and his then-31-year-old wife was a medical editor. Re: Boston houseboat by: Anonymous I would have to agree with Ian. We operate a boutique sailing yacht and classic New England commuter yacht in Boston Harbor. Copyright © 1999-2021 Boats Group. stop whining it's unattractive it's not a PM want a private convo? Community Boating Inc. 13 reviews. I don't know how old this thread is, but I'm looking into buying a houseboat in the Boston area! My son graduated college two years ago, and the other one is in college. Rooms that ROCK ., 1221 Brickell Avenue, 23rd Floor, Miami, FL 33131, USA. I have been in California where houseboats are very popular. Boston Houseboat Barge - house barge needs a new owner, I currently own a houseboat (technically a housebarge) in Boston, MA and I have been trying to sell it but people keep backing out due to cold feet, financing, and now the marine inspector we had complete a survey last year reached out to a potential buyer and said that it was in bad shape the day before the closing! I'm a Diver and would do hulls in Florida canals. For one thing, banks are leary about loaning money to livaboards. The craftsmanship, and intimate, elegant and comfortable environments will create the atmosphere you desire for your special day. Citizen complaint of the day: Wake-up calls mean something different when you live on a boat in Boston Harbor. "Houseboat in Boston Harbor" $293/night. Admirals Hill hauled out our 65 foot Sumerset houseboat and also facilitated survey of hull. Make your cruise reservations upon arrival, cruise schedule is weather dependent.Cruises are 60-90 minutes between 4 and 7 p.m. Additional passes can be purchased for $50. All rights reserved. There can't be judgements there. We are a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for us to earn fees by linking to and affiliated sites. I live in Alaska, partially disabled from DV. How much do you want for it and where is it docked specifically? Try lunch or dinner on a boat, scenic sunset cruises and sailboat outings, kayak tours, canoe trips, and laid-back whale watching excursions. Read writing about Boston in Into The Water — Living on a Boat in Downtown Boston. Even I might consider boat living on day like today. The time I spent with the team was the best time of my life The weather today in Boston is perfect. I'm afraid if I list it for less money it'll look tainted, but I really don't want to go through another season of owning it and paying marina fees when we don't use it at all (not to mention that one of the buyers backed out after we removed and donated all of the furniture at his request so we can't even use it if we wanted to)... Do you know of anywhere in Boston where I could have it pulled out of the water for a hull inspection (since that is the #1 issue with most potential buyers). Contact Us - Email Inquiries. The boat is fully air-conditioned in the summer and heated during the winter to ensure guests are comfortable. The conversation was between Jitss617 and myself. Meanwhile the report I received from him said that it was in good condition, and he verbally told me it was in "great shape" so I don't know what to do!

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