Hi Lynda ~ by cutting out the corners you’ll have cleaner lines of the blanket, rather than odd curves around the corners. Your tutorial combined with the braided-edge technique helped me to create a great gift for my dad. I’ve never made these blankets before but they were in the back of my mind when I was shopping. Any idea if this "tying" method will work on pillows? I’m sure you’ve all seen this cozy No Sew Fleece Blanket Tutorial… and if you’ve been wanting to make one, they’re a cinch to make! Cut each fringe about 1″ wide, and 4″ long. JOANN carries soft Fleece No Sew Throw Kits in variety of sizes, styles, patterns, characters & holidays. Learn how to make a no-sew fleece blanket with a braided edge. Would it hold? I'm making a triple thick "tummy time" blanket for my baby to be. Just finished the baby blanket over the weekend. Get the best deals on no sew fleece kit when you shop the largest online selection at eBay.com. Although I do love sewing, sometimes you just want something a little quicker and different. $19.99 $ 19. Put these Home Organizing Tips and Tricks to use and you’ll love the results! I've only seen pillows, but not made them, with the knot method. DIY Projects. $8.98 shipping. $17.99 $ 17. There are 482 no sew fleece blanket kits for sale on Etsy, and they cost $22.37 on average. This is so much prettier than a tied fleece blanket and is just as easy! I've read that it should be about 2 yards long, but I only want a throw that acts as sort of a shawl rather than a blanket. Great and easy and inexpensive gifts and “gift for ourselves”. Now, this will make a great size blanket for babies, kids, or a small throw. , one of my grand children doesn’t like fleece against him can i use regular material or like teshirt material? I’m going to make 2 small ones to go under the girls’ car seat to protect my leather seats, and if I make them in a pretty style for each girl, it will create assigned seating! I guess I’m thinking especially when washing. Thanks for the great idea. I want to put her daughter name, Natalie Grayce, on the back but I thought that you could not iron on fleece fabric. Koltose by Mash Knot a Quilt Kit - No Sew Fleece Blanket Kit, Tie Quilt for Kids Ages 4-16 Craft Kit, DIY Blanket 54” x 42” Inches, 48 Super Soft Bright Colored Pieces 4.1 out of 5 stars 78 $24.45$24.45 Get it as soon as Thu, Sep 17 They usually have “fringe” on all sides that have knots in them. I’ll get started on these today – they look easy and everyone gets a handmade Christmas gift! I also line the whole blanket then I use a rotary cutter and mat. Cut a 4″ x 4″ square from each of the four corners. I figured my youngest might like one this year. I usually just tie them which is quicker. {20 Genius Tips to Save $2200 this Month! 99. I do like the way yours look over just the plain knotted kind. Aren’t dogs so funny?? Home I made my older kids some about 4 years ago. To cut the fringes, you can either use a rotary cutter with a cutting mat, or if you don’t have one… simply use a ruler and sharp fabric scissors. I hope you enjoy making your no sew DIY fleece blanket as much as I know you will enjoy using it. If not, wouldn’t it get all weird? The most common no sew fleece blanket kits material is fleece… Thankyou, Louise. Will have to try it! Fleece blankets are soft and cuddly and perfect for little kids. Great tutorial! When you make fleece tie blankets with kids you are teaching them that giving to others can be a rewarding experience. This blanket is simply made in 5 easy steps. funny….my dog does the same thing w/ scissors or pretty much anything that he thinks could be used as a weapon. Hope you have had a lovely weekend! Copyright Adventures of a DIY Mom 2019. Then lay that down on a flat surface. And by the way, border collies are smart but extremely neurotic lol. Step 1 // Choose the Fabric for the Blanket. Hi yes the no sew blankets are easy to make. » Just scored LOTS of fleece for 75% off at Joann’s Black Friday sale. My cousin is having a baby shower next month so I am going to get started this week.Also, I saw a comment above that said they were going to use iron on letters to personalize it. A rectangle of no sew fleece. So they are cheaper and usually color coordinated. After one blanket our hands were sore. I knew there had to be a name for that! It's been a few years :) A seam ripper would probably work great if it's sharp. » Crafts Im going to make one tomorrow.. Thanks again.. You’re very welcome, Bianca! (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({ A ruler or card cut to preferred measurements. If you are using scis-sors, make sure your cuts are clean, even, and straight with no frayed edges. Check out these affordable ideas and frugal hacks for your home. I trying this one first! Baseball Anti-Pill No-Sew Throw Fleece Fabric Kit (50x60) 4.1 out of 5 stars 5. I would probably cut out letters from some extra hello kitty fabric and sew them onto the solid fabric you're using for the back. Sharks No-Sew Throw Blanket Fleece Fabric Kit (50x60) 4.3 out of 5 stars 16. The following are step by step instructions to make your own no-sew fleece blanket for your own baby or baby shower! I made some of these blankets for my 3 oldest kids a few years ago. No Sew Weighted Blanket. Hi Rachel, I just found your blog this morning!Love the way you did the edges on this blanket! They’re so easy to make, Andrea… have FUN making yours!! So I would suggest sewing first then tying them. I’ve made them before and the kids absolutely love them. 2 Yards Of Fleece Is Perfect For A No Sew Throw. For teens or adults you will probably want to do two yards of each fabric. Thank you for the idea. One yard of fabric will always be 36 inches in length (along the selvage side of the fabric), however, the width of the fabric varies anywhere from 44 inches wide to 60 inches wide, typically. Your email address will not be published. I'm so glad you're here! . I had a blast picking out patterns to suit them, from pink and girly to cowboys to hippie girl to guy rock star to penguin-lover I bought all my fleece half-price @ Joann’s and feel so proud to give these as gifts, and I encourage anyone thinking about making one or some to do it!! Fold fleece in half over/around the pillow and pin/clip together so it stays in place while you work. i have to say i never thaught of making one for a shower gift! It turned out really cute. Several of my fellow dialysis patients have these blankets. You could sew them by hand or machine. Powered by, How to Make a No Sew Fleece Blanket Without Knots. She uses the College colors and letters for them. I guess it’s called the ‘Square Knot’? When the blanket is all done I always have the problem, of my knots twisting the wrong way. For those us who don't sew, that wasn't as obvious as it would be to folks that do. {DIY Spray}, How to Save Money Fast! I have wanted to make one for so long but have never gotten around to it. I’m also doing a pillowcase for a body pillow for my son as well. }, Mudroom Storage Ideas! thanks!! I bet it would work ok with a knit, since they don't fray either. I'd sew the letters on before combining the front and back of the blanket. Cozy up on a chilly day or make some extra special gifts with this No Sew Fleece Blanket Tutorial! thank you sooooo much , just hope mine turn out!! {DIY Storage Ideas to Declutter Fast}, How to Prevent Water Spots on Shower Doors! Aren’t they crazy, silly, and SO sweet? Want to stretch your budget this month? I love your story… it totally made me laugh! (opt) Ribbon or colored string. of catnip (I bought a silicone funnel with a 1-inch wide throat online especially for this purpose, and it works really well). Are you ready to start saving? It wont come apart without and actual tide knot? Roy was a crazy, crazy dog! . Thanks so much. What a comfortable TV blanket for kids!! THANKS! On the other hand, non-matching knots make your blankets one of a kind!! Also, does anyone know and easy and inexpensive craft ideas to make as a present? Kids' Crafts. I didn't try the seam ripper way because it did not do the job on my practice fabric but the other way worked great! Cut the Blanket Fringe Next, start making the fringe along each edge, cutting through both thicknesses of fleece. Frugal Girls LOVE great deals! Fleece blankets are soft and cuddly and perfect for little kids. I make catnip toys out of mine. The method used in making one, as directed by scatteredthoughofacraftmom, is also pretty simple and straightforward and can be used to make almost any size of fleece blanket.. Once you’re done making it you can decide on whether to keep it for yourself or gift it as a present to someone you truly care about. (If you want to use a loose stuffing for the pillow, it would be best to encase it in a thin fabric first... so you would need to sew or glue the open edges of that fabric to contain the loose stuffing material.) But, I was able to complete the blanket with no problem & the braided affect looks great! . }); Filed Under: Baby, Crafts, Home Decor, Thrifty Gifts. So just in case you didn’t already know… here’s how you can make one, too: Line up both pieces of fleece. One of my son’s built a back yard Koi pond … I found a kit with bright orange Koi and made him the blanket for whenever he takes a hammock-break from gardening ! It also removes excel dyes, so I wash all fabrics separately. sweet, though. I’ve come by this method from trial and error and it works best for me… I can do a blanket start to finish in about 45 minutes. Saved from i.pinimg.com. If you tye every other one and then filp over the blanket, and tye the rest, it lays a lot flatter and does not pucker or bow. You could try something like my rag-top quilt: http://www.adventuresofadiymom.com/2011/09/striped-ragtop-baby-blanket.html - of course you'd have to make it bigger.Or you could tie it: http://www.adventuresofadiymom.com/2013/03/how-to-tie-blanket.htmlThey are both a little more work than a no-sew blanket, but I think they would work out better with cotton fabric. do you make the one inch cut with the seam ripper? Dec 9, 2017 - Fleece Blanket Chart Size. Thanks for sharing at Creative Thursday :) Have a great week.Michelle. Become an Insider! Required fields are marked *. Oh thank you, Maddie ~ I didn’t have a clue what it was called! The fleece tends to stick to itself, so the two pieces naturally stick to each other and that helps it stick together.I'd love to hear your thoughts after you've made one and washed it over and over. Since there are two layers of fleece they are super warm. I find cheap fleece throws bundled in pairs on sale a few times during the year and these usually are color coordinated. Thank you so much. Nothing beats coming home to an organized home! Do you need a quick gift idea? Love, love, love this. I don't feel that it's necessary. They are also easy to store in our lockers. It is always cold at dialysis, and these are wonderful for helping to keep us warm. Hi, you list the tools needed but never mention what to do with or how to use a seam ripper. Thanks!! Give your home a gorgeous makeover with these Easy Designer Home Decor Tips and Tricks! Even if you are not an avid sewist, you can still make some gorgeous weighted blankets like a pro. If you're looking to avoid sewing, then maybe you could iron them onto a knit t-shirt type fabric and then you'd just have to sew that to the blanket instead of sewing each letter. I also just cut out my own letters and sew it onto one of the fabrics before I joined them together. Such a neat idea!! {I even made some manly ones for my boys… a pretty blue blanket with salmon, and a full-on camouflage blanket for my little guy}. I tie the knots so that the top material is on the bottom and the bottom material is on the top. DIY And Crafts. Your email address will not be published. Genius! Have fun making your blankets, Brittany! Cotton and flannel fray a lot, so they probably wouldn't work too well. Same thing if I use my fingers to point a pretend gun at him &/or shoot him. I’ve made several and washed them over and over and over… I’ve never had the pieces of fleece separate. I bought a TON of fleece 2 months ago when it went on sale and I had a coupon. Grab the pure white cotton, glass beads, and a no-sew cover that you can put together with the fabric using E6000 Fabric-Fuse, to make this weighted blanket. The right over left and left over right knot is the square knot. Before you shop, check out these Insider Tips + Shopping Hacks that will save you so much money at your favorite stores!! After you tie the knots, the blanket won’t appear to have any ‘holes’ in the corners. If you try it let me know how it goes. I will try this but I am curious for any insight you might have on this. Feeling crafty?? Well you're in luck, because here they come. I love this. Just put the top two layers through as one, then complete the last step from above! Dec 9, 2017 - Fleece Blanket Chart Size. Since there are two layers of fleece they are super warm. I make puppy blankets and beds and this is so quick. (Fleece is usually 50-60” wide) “Ruler or Shape Cut Ruler and Rotary Cutter”: Works best to create neatly cut fringe. It works really well and is much quicker. I've done it this way one time and it has a nice clean look to it. Is 2 yards still the length it should be? How to Make a No Sew Fleece Blanket Without Knots. 2 Yards Of Fleece Is Perfect For A No Sew Throw. i make a lot of these blankets every year. Thank you so much, I was wondering how to make one of these.I want to make one for my daughter. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-3609717498287896", The average American man/women height is 5′ 4.6″. Have fun making your blanket!! Those include: 2 Yards of Fleece Fabric (These will need to be separated into 1 yard each) 1 Ruler; Pair of Fabric Scissors; All all these no sew baby blanket should cost you less than $10 depending on what type of Fleece fabric you choose to buy. Method 2: Making a Sewn Fleece Blanket. 2 Yards Of Fleece Is Perfect For A No Sew Throw. I pin my whole blanket together before I start. Have fun making your fleece blankets!! Thanks for the easy tutorial! Craft Instructions For Kids.. Thank you x. I'm glad you like it!I'm not sure about other fabrics. Good luck with your blanket! How to Make a Baby Fleece Blanket. Did you scroll all this way to get facts about no sew fleece blanket kits? I'm happy to hear that your blanket turned out. Now that you know how to make a DIY no sew fleece blanket, astonish your friends. I also believe it saves time. My friend showed me how to make these and I think they look so much nicer than the knotted kind. It’s time to start snipping! What is the best way to cut that slit in the top? I’d never seen a no sew fleece blanket make quite like this. Love these Will be giving as homemade gifts this year for Christmas! An equal measure of self-esteem and patience. Once you’ve completed the cutting, it’s time to start tying those knots! {Done in 5 Minutes}, Homemade Hair Detangler Recipe! Not only is it warm and soft, but it also comes in lots of colors and patterns. Right over Left and Left over Right will give you square knots like the ones shown in the last 2 pictures. Just from looking at it, it seems that pulling the two pieces apart would pull the loops out and separate. Have fun picking out your fleece ~ these are fun to give as Christmas gifts, Baby Shower gifts, etc! I love this idea! Thanks! This easy No Sew Fleece Blanket Throw doesn’t require any sewing skill and is a great beginner project. You could also make a neckroll type pillow by really stuffing the leg of an old stocking till it is evenly filled and cover/wrap with a single layer of one of the fleece fabrics. . I would make sure that your two pieces of fleece are exactly the same size, that the strips are cut the same, and that the grain of the fabric of each layer is laying the same way. I prefer to use a rotary cutter, but scissors would work. Find even more Fun Craft Projects, Home Decor Tips, and Organizing Ideas for your home below…. You’re very welcome! What to do? I think I might mix the backs up , and use the 3 braid technique so the other side is kind of a surprise. You could poke one end in the fabric, and use the sharp edge to cut the slit. I think even I can remember them and my wife will love it. Is it best to wash the fleece before or after making the blanket? In this tutorial you will learn how to make a no sew fleece blanket without knots. enable_page_level_ads: true . This looks like a great project , I'm going to try it! I’ve seen tutorials for no sew fleece blankets, but they all want you to tie about 300+ knots of fleece. http://mydailyphotojourney.blogspot.com/2012/12/facebook-social-hop.htmlHave a crazy beautiful week! It’s true… you can LOVE your house and save BIG all at the same time! I sew through two matching pieces of fleece (right sides together) almost all of the way around on a sewing machine, leaving ~a 1 1/2 inch opening on one side. This way is so much cleaner and just prettier looking than the knotted ones. It’s time to get your Craft on and get inspired to do some fun crafts! So many of the knots with solid color end up twisted on the solid side of the blanket. I just wanted to offer another suggestion for using up the 4-inch corner scraps. A few years ago, Joanne’s sold blanket kits. Using a contrasting fabric makes the blanket look a little more modern. I've not actually used that method, I find the rotary cutter is easier. I made about 6 of these blankets the past few weeks. If you cut your fleece with pinking shears (all the edges and the fringes too) it turns out really pretty. My sister made one of these for me and a longer one for my 6’4″ husband several years ago…they are great for winter time movie nights in our Michigan home. Would scissors work for cutting? These blankets are great for babies! What a great idea to donate to charities and the homeless shelters! (I was thinking iron on letters or something...) Let me know! The easiest way to get your knots to all look “right” is to make all the knots the exact same way! I just made one for our 1st great nephew due in February! DIY sewn fleece blankets flaunt a great look. Is that true or not? Very cool. Ive only made one and seemed to tie the entire thing too tight.. Any pointers? Choose two fleece fabrics – one solid and one coordinating print. I was literally just in JoAnn's (like an hour ago) and saw that same cute monkey fleece and almost bought it for a blanket. Hi, I am about to make this blanket and am wondering why we cut the corners off? Fleece is a wonderful material to make baby blankets out of. Thanks for the instructions!! I found an alternative way to make them and the blanket turns out much flatter and doesn’t have the annoying knots! I’ll update that in the post. Project Linus provides homemade, washable blankets to seriously ill and traumatized children. Recipes, Money, Home & Garden, DIY, Beauty and Travel. I see you didn’t get an answer, so I’ll try to help. One of my “crafty” friends leaves one side totally unsewn, and then sews it shut with a zig-zag stitch on her sewing machine once the catnip is added (I only have an old machine from the 1930’s, so I can’t do it that way). It's a little confusing, but yes, that's how to do it. It sounds like you're a better washer than me :), This is an amazing idea - it looks fantastic!!! $8.98 shipping. You can even take a piece of masking tape at this point and tape it down across the blanket as your guide, so you don’t cut up too far. This is really interesting. And even stretching it a little at a time. No Sew Fleece Blanket You will need: Fleece: 1½ yard piece or choose your own custom size. Materials. Several years ago we (my husband & I) made 7 of these for our grandchildren.
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