Welcome to The Healthy Butterfly!

I am a girl on a mission to make all natural skincare that is good for your body internally and externally. I care about my health and other people’s health so I wanted to create skincare that is natural and healthy without all of the toxic chemicals.

I love and respect the environment and I truly love animals which is one of the reasons I created products that are in sync with nature, with no harm to animals and are good for the body.

I make bath, body and beauty skincare products which are handmade using plants and natural, wholesome ingredients. All of my skincare is non-toxic and chemical free with no testing on animals. I don’t use mica, dyes or artificial fragrances because they contain chemicals. The only type of coloring’s that I use are herbs, and the only type of scents that I use are essential oils. I also use some organic foods to add additional benefits, color and texture. Although it can sometimes be a challenge, I made a promise to myself to adhere to these guidelines. The end results give me great satisfaction knowing that I have formulated some fabulous skincare recipes and made some amazing natural bath, body and beauty products.

Do yourself a favor by getting rid of the toxic chemicals (preservatives, synthetics, parabens and dyes) and fall in love with natural, healthy skincare products. Your skin and body will rejoice and look healthy and beautiful.

Be sure to check out my storefront to purchase some of my amazing skincare products. I would also love to hear your feedback about my skincare products. Use my Contact page to tell me what I’m doing right or what I can improve on.

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