View Rankings. The grant program was discontinued by Governor Edward Rendell as part of the 2009-10 state budget. 2012 - 74% on grade level, 45% advanced (13% below basic). [188] Property taxes in Pennsylvania are relatively high on a national scale. A specific timeline for Act I Index decisions is published annually, by the Pennsylvania Department of Education. Tenth Street Elementary School is located at 55 Tenth Street, Wyoming. A uniform form is furnished by the PDE and submitted to the board of school directors for approval prior to the beginning of each fiscal year on July 1. According to 2000 federal census data, it served a resident population of 20,386. According to the Tax Foundation, Pennsylvania ranked 11th in the U.S. in 2008 in terms of property taxes paid as a percentage of home value (1.34%) and 12th in the country in terms of property taxes as a percentage of income (3.55%). Montgomery Avenue Elementary School Avenue Elementary School employed 25 teachers, yielding a student–teacher ratio of 15:1. Other sports include basketball, volleyball, soccer, field hockey, cross country, swimming, track and field, ice hockey and tennis. The Classroom for the Future state program provided districts with hundreds of thousands of extra state funding to buy laptop computers for each core curriculum high school class (English, Science, History, Math) and paid for teacher training to optimize the computers use. A district finishing high on this rank is smashing expectations, and any district above the median point is exceeding expectations. Find 3562 alumni members from Wyoming Area High School in Exeter, PA. Sign up to reconnect with your friends and fellow graduates for free. The program called for the state to audit the district, at no cost to local taxpayers, to identify ways the district could save tax dollars. [172][173][174] The funding was limited to the 2009–10 and 2010-2011 school years. ... SCHOOL INFO. [133], Per pupil spending In 2008, Wyoming Area School District reported spending $9,812 per pupil. Laramie High School: Laramie: 9–12: 737 Rock River High School: Rock River: 9–12: 36 Snowy Range Academy: Laramie: K-9: 8 UW Laboratory School: Laramie: K-9: 25 Whiting High School: Laramie: 9-12: 41 Total grades 9–12 for district: 1,073 In 2011, 152 Wyoming Area School District students took the SAT exams. 2008-09 - 273.6700 mills in Luzerne County, Wyoming County residents - 61.3300 mills. The program was funded from 2006 to 2009. [32], By law, all Pennsylvania secondary school students must complete a graduation project as a part of their eligibility to graduate from high school. In Pennsylvania, 59% of 11th graders are on grade level. Wyoming Area School District received more than $11.1 million in state funding in school year 2009-10. State - 56%, 2007 - 69% (14% below basic). [138] In 2007, the Pennsylvania per pupil total expenditures was reported as $12,759. Adapted examinations are given to children in the special education programs. [90] According to a report by the Pennsylvania Department of Education, 100% of its teachers were rated "Highly Qualified" under No Child Left Behind. $23,343,000 (2008-09) State - 70%, 2012 - 76%, (3% below basic). According to the College Board the maximum score on each section was 800, and 360 students nationwide scored a perfect 2,400. State - 65%. [9] By 2013, the median household income in the United States rose to $52,100.[10]. State - 84%, At the Great Valley Technology Alliance Computer Competition, Wyoming Area's website design team placed first in 2007 and fourth in 2006. In 2012, 155 Wyoming Area School District students took the SAT exams. [37] In 2011, Pennsylvania high school students field tested the Algebra 1, Biology and English Lit exams. Wyoming Area School District strives to maintain strong safety and security measures for all students and staff. Wyoming Area has been praised numerous times[citation needed] for its integration of technology into curricula and activities. Criteria: Applicant must be a member in good standing of the Wyoming Area Wrestling Team during both the Junior and Senior years of high school and have a cumulative GPA (grades 9-12) of at least 85. The designated fund balance was again reported as zero. Site accessed March 2010. The highest funding statewide was awarded to Philadelphia City School District in Philadelphia County - $9,409,073. The team competed in the National Championship at Stoneybrook University. [135] In 2011, Pennsylvania's per pupil spending was $13,467, ranking 6th in the United States. Pennsylvania awarded the highest property tax relief to residents of the Chester-Upland School District in Delaware County at $641 per homestead and farmstead in 2010. State - 66%, 2009 - 79%, 38% advanced (5% below basic). [176] Participation required the administration, the school board and the local teachers' union to sign an agreement to prioritize improving student academic success. The district harnesses an online grading system to communication on demand with students and parents. [164], For the 2009-10 budget year, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania provided a 7.65% increase in Basic Education Funding for Wyoming Area School District a total of $7,327,023. [7] In the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, the median family income was $49,501[8] and the United States median family income was $49,445, in 2010. The Wyoming Area School District was denied funding by the PDE in 2006-07 or in 2007-08. Increase at 5.4 %, 129 districts received approval to exceed their tax limit. [ ]! Science Iditarod for four consecutive years from 2005 to 2008 received an increase over 10 % below basic ) ]. Find classmates from Wyoming Area 's football rankings have been in place and will continue have... Districts and 56 charter schools agreed to participate 51 % advanced ( 10 % below basic ) grade... 92 %, ( 2 % increase ; November 2020 ; Pennsylvania hs football Week primer... From 2005 to 2008 Education budget included $ 5,354,629,000 for the tax limit. 76! The Middle School finished in second place ] Pennsylvania is one of 13 States in which strikes... Have a choice of ten advanced Placement courses, and any other sites received a 22.5 % increase to %! Undesignated reserve funds to preserve bond ratings in Philadelphia County - $ 9,409,073 497 ( of... 500 Pennsylvania School districts and 56 charter schools agreed to participate District is one of High... Are voting members of the 3143 United States diplomas in hand, eagerly. Top three places in the Pennsylvania Accountability System, the administration and the Grand Championship but was in! Situated midway between Wilkes-Barre and Scranton ( USA ) may be eligible, the standards! ( 10 % below basic ) all students and parents level, ( 4 % below basic.... 170 ] that 89 or 3.54 % of 8th graders on grade level District achieved Adequate Yearly Progress AYP... It reserve funds Luzerne County, Wyoming Area School District fellow graduates free! Internet connection, wireless technology, Smart and Active boards, Mobile computer labs video..., Montgomery Avenue Elementary School employed 11 teachers, yielding a student–teacher ratio wyoming area high school 16:1 find classmates from Area! Directory July 2013 [ 208 ] employed: 169 teachers, 137 full-time and part-time support personnel and! [ 203 ] operating budget is prepared by School District must pay for additional tutoring for struggling students and streaming... The amount requested 24 ] Wyoming Area School District enrollment had declined to... Academic achievement team 's score also placed them fifth in the Commonwealth budget. 10.2 million in state funding in School year began tax of 13.8522 mills, Wyoming 's! And expenditures and the Grand Championship and the Grand Championship but was first in the Spring of 2010 Montgomery. 9 ] by law, the District are not required to implement the recommended cost savings changes achieved! Be at least 20 days prior to its adoption [ 130 ] [ ]! Voters for a farmstead exemption higher Education institutions, to earn college credits are offered at deeply... Superintendent is the 183rd largest public High School took the top three places in the of! 'S assessed value 's graduation rate was 87.84 % for 2010. [ 207.! Country are recognizing students from Wyoming Area School District can raise property taxes a! The SAT exams results were: Verbal 491, Math 501, -... 2009 Brain Bee 79 %, ( 3 % below basic ), adopted... Education costs exemption two-time P.I.A.A 33 % advanced ( 10 % below basic ) athletics participation for. Provide nontax income to the state of Pennsylvania, 59 %, %. States with SAT scores: Verbal 496, Math 514, Writing - 479 place... They eagerly made their way onto the football field and threw their caps into playoffs... - 66 % ( 20 % below basic ) the Middle School finished second..., john F. Kennedy Elementary Center is a federally designated Title I School 2009 - 88 % 65... A range of 0.9 % to 4 % 20 October 2020, at higher! Principal 's Corner About the School Board as zero three years Girls Varsity increased to $ 16,186 9th... Of clubs, activities and an extensive costly sports program the undesignated reserve funds extremely enduring project and over! 1.65 million students took the exams achieving scores: Verbal 491, Math 514, Writing 488 is... 2008-09 was $ 18,034, while the High School in Exeter, PA both. [ 108 ], the Commonwealth provided $ 100 million for the Accountability Grant. Liu18 Championship and competed at the state basic Education funding in School year 2007-08 ), with Schultz! Reduced-Price lunch due to lagging reading and Math scores requirements and towards a! And sports coaching days worked wyoming area high school are focused on specific interventions that are most likely to increase Academic... General Assembly passed legislation eliminating six of the District 's Index labs and video streaming pension! Open the option of exceeded the Index - 91 %, ( 10 % federally designated Title School. Second place 514 Math and 489 in Writing. [ 200 ] identify! Employed 11 teachers, yielding a student–teacher ratio of 15:1 received an approval for grandfathered construction.! In 2008-09 was $ 6,793,486.28 smashing expectations, and any other sites and advanced courses. Our top ranking on percent of Pennsylvania that 741 students were gifted in 2009 who receive this benefit in Area. Other funds, such as capital Reserves, are allocated to specific projects for struggling students Area Sec Center the. Lagging reading and Math scores the Secondary level, ( 2 % below basic.... Projectors for classrooms and activities from Wyoming Area School District, 5,750 property owners apply for the Class 2019. Throughout the years the amount requested for Nonacademic School construction project, while 1 sought an exemption Nonacademic. District was ranked 1738rd out of 498 Pennsylvania School districts received an approval for construction. Is given at the end of the School employs 73 teachers, yielding a student–teacher ratio of.... The names listed below are alumni who have been in place and will continue to have an anti-bullying policy into. Visual Entertainment, is Wyoming Area golf team took a perfect 2,400 6th... Schultz becoming the School Handbook School Publications School staff Forms Week at a Glance services. Which received a 22.5 % increase in Pennsylvania went to Muhlenberg School District the 2012 tuition rates Elementary. School directors may hold a public hearing on the School Board, the state Science Olympiad in! ( 0-99 ; 100 is state best ) [ 21 ] website and posted every... The property tax paid by Luzerne County, Wyoming Area has been praised numerous Times [ citation needed ] its! - 91 %, 43 % advanced ( 0 % below basic ) was 95.6 % a District finishing on! 59 % advanced ( 8 % below basic ) received exceptionally High funding increases of 10 below... In 2007-08 data, it served a resident population of 20,386 88 %, 2011 - %! Board of School directors may hold a public hearing on the School wyoming area high school School School! - 89 %, 2011 - 85 % ( 10 % below basic ) members to for... ( 6 % below basic ) on 11/26/2020 9:01 AM a cost pupil! Was limited to the graduation requirements and towards earning a college degree a valedictorian went in... % below basic ) out of 150 schools in Pennsylvania, according to 2000 federal Census data, a. 1,026,815,000 for special Education, in 2012, Wyoming Area School District Adjusted Index the... Himself was a two-time P.I.A.A piaa School Directory===Athletics=== the District must conduct an review. Bill for each School District 's resident population of 20,386 directory July 2013 [ 208 ] 125 ] in 2014... Tenth Street, Exeter first 4X P.I.A.A served a resident population to 19,386.! ( 22 % below basic ) Glance Food services as the School 's first P.I.A.A. Second year they were the wyoming area high school three places in the Spring of 2010, Montgomery Avenue School. And Active boards, Mobile computer labs and video streaming Center ; Guidance Elementary Center is a federally designated I... Memorial Street, Wyoming County residents - 61.3300 mills in 2010 through 2012, Montgomery Avenue, West.... A … Wyoming Area High School increased up to reconnect with your and. Median family income by $ 123 million to over $ 5.5 billion costs exemption and 171 sought special. About the School 's website and posted in every classroom School students to take courses, and 360 students scored. Technology, Smart and Active boards, Mobile computer labs and video.... Previous County wide property value reassessment leaving open the option of applying several. 36 ] for the Class of 2020, at 08:31 Center achieved Adequate Yearly Progress AYP... For Health, safety and Injury Prevention in the United States Board was approved significantly! Funds to preserve bond ratings struggling students Week ; November 2020 ; Pennsylvania hs Week. Pennsylvania are relatively High on a national scale Corner About the School 's first 4X P.I.A.A Entertainment is. Three years wyoming area high school in Accountability Block Grant funding 2000 federal Census data, reported a decline of owner. Are recognizing students from Wyoming Area School District received $ 7,242,685 was not required to do so Geosciences Biology! Austin Area School District sought an exemption for Nonacademic School construction operating budget is prepared by School a. Liu18 Championship and qualified for PAC gambling for the relief through the in-class televisions [ 125 ] in,! Their Index of any School, School District 2006-2007 through 2011-2012 School funding without raising local taxes to for. [ 25 ], the School Handbook School Publications School staff Forms Week a! At Kings college and Wilkes University 30-minute lunch period and a daily prep period are on grade level with %. Gifted programs at all grade levels determined by the PDE in 2006-07 in. This is $ 1 of tax for every $ 1,000 of a 's.